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care that changes with your nervous system 

Neurological Protocols

We use scientific protocols to assess where you have nerve interference at every visit.



Torque Release Technique is a neurological protocol that finds primary causes of vertebral subluxation effecting the brain-reward cascade. Several neurological tests and evaluations are performed at every visit during this protocol including Cervical Syndrome Tests, Deerfield Analysis, Functional Leg Length, and Van Rumpt Stress Tests.



Webster's technique is a specialized technique for pregnancy. It works in three ways. First, it optimizes the joints of the pelvis to be able to move and expand for both pregnancy and birth. Secondly, it ensures optimal neural input to the "pushing" muscles for birth. Thirdly, it takes pressure off of utero-pelvic ligaments so that the uterus has the best chance at expansion and optimal positioning.

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